Four-Week Certificate Course in
Forensic Handwriting Analysis
and Graphology

Fees: Rs 1400

Fees: Rs 1000* (Inaugural 40% Discount Ending on 15th September 2023)




Four Weeks



About The Course

Our Certificate Course in Forensic Handwriting Analysis and Graphology offers a comprehensive exploration of this intriguing field. Delve into the study of handwriting analysis and graphology, gaining valuable insights into the art of deciphering the hidden personality of an individual along with Forensic intervations through writing.

Led by industry professionals, this course provides expert insights into the world of forensic handwriting analysis. You’ll learn how to identify forgery, detect psychological traits, and uncover important clues. From the angle of pen pressure to the spacing between letters, every detail will guide you closer to the truth.

In the process, you will enhance your observatory and investigative skills and develop a keen eye for detail. With expert guidance and practical exercises, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques to become a proficient forensic handwriting analyst.

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What You'll Learn In This Course?

Career Opportunities

Some of the popular career opportunities in this field include: